Important Announcement From DCI and GOLD Regarding 2020 Tour


Please see the official Drum Corps International announcement about the cancellation of the 2020 DCI Tour.


The announcement today from Drum Corps International that the DCI 2020 tour is being cancelled is heartbreak for all of us. The Board of Directors, Staff, Membership and our entire GOLD Family, will all have to process this information and the impact of it over the next few days and during the weeks ahead.

The GOLD Board of Directors has been in discussions on how to move forward in the best interest of our current cast members and the organization as a whole. I am sure we all are extremely disappointed at today’s news. With that said, GOLD’S Board of Directors, fully supports DCI’s decision to protect the health and safety of all our participants at this time.

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With life throwing us all curveballs right now, I am extremely proud of how the GOLD Team is responding to today’s news. As a group they have decided to view it as a delay as opposed to a full cancellation, and therefore are proceeding as if we are simply continuing the 2020 season through to the end of the 2021 tour. The Creative Team is looking at this as an opportunity to create an even better show for our cast members to perform. The Caption Heads are seeing this as a chance to have even more time to work with and develop our members into world class performers. The Board is also seeing this as a chance to make sure our current cast gets even more instruction and benefits of being a member of GOLD.


We will be contacting members and families regarding member tuition individually. Like most drum corps, some of the dues collected have been paid for purchases, deposits and show design for the 2020 DCI summer national tour. Please allow us some time to work through these details.


As we get more clarity on the situation, we will be making additional announcements on how we plan to move forward. We will also be posting information about upcoming online events, online instruction, and the eventual return to in person rehearsals. We ask that everyone be patient as we work through all the issues related to this delay in our performance season.

To be able to resume our programs at the appropriate time, we must maintain a minimum level of funding. At this time, we ask for your help to keep GOLD in operation. More than ever, we need your support! As a non-profit organization, GOLD Youth Arts’ ability to execute our mission successfully requires ongoing philanthropic support from individuals. To ensure that we can resume our programs at the appropriate time, we ask you to consider making an investment in GOLD while we face this rapidly changing public health crisis. No amount is too small. We welcome and we thank you for your donation of any amount.

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It is my sincere belief that this trying time can teach us some important lessons and make us all stronger and better people. This is the moment when you actually get to “Be Extraordinary Because You Are!”

Please stay safe and healthy and remember to appreciate all the people you have in your life.

All the best
Donald Flaherty Ed.D.
Executive Director, GOLD Drum & Bugle Corps