Clinics and Auditions:
Sundays 10/4 & 10/11, 10AM-5PM
Audition information for Gold Indoor 2021

Audition Packets will be delivered through email following registration

2021 Season:
The 2021 Season will happen in some form or another! The situation is still developing, but we aim to continue regardless of the circumstances. We have contingency plans in place all the way from: a traditional season culminating at WGI World Championships, to a full Virtual setting (and everything in between!). The important thing is we still aim to provide a meaningful and educational experience, with some form of performance opportunities!

: Sundays 10AM-5:30PM
December-April: Saturdays 10AM-9PM, Sundays 10AM-5:30PM
Rehearsal will likely begin in a Virtual Setting, and move to in-person when permitted and proper safety measures are in place!

Gold Indoor participates in:

WGI – Regionals
WGI – World Championships