Gold Update… May 13 & 14

After a successful rehearsal this past weekend, we are heading into May with a busy schedule of rehearsals and fundraising events for the GOLD.

UPDATED! Rose Bowl Training and start time

Due to a scheduling conflict, we will not be holding a Rose Bowl training as part of the Saturday rehearsal at Azusa High School. Because of this, we have changed the rehearsal schedule for Saturday back to the normal start times. Check in will begin at 9:30am and rehearsal will begin at 10am.

A training is being held at the Rose Bowl that we request family and friends who will be working Rose Bowl events attend. Information can be found below.

UPDATED! Saturday May 13th

Azusa High School
9:30 am Check In
10:00 am Regular Rehearsal
9:00 pm Rehearsal Ends

Sunday May 14th

In recognition of Mothers’ Day, there will not be a rehearsal on Sunday, May 14th.


We need everyone, especially PARENTS, FRIENDS & FAMILY members over 18, to come out for food/alcohol training this Saturday May 13th at 11:00 am at the Rose Bowl. Our fundraiser at the U-2 Concerts are coming up fast and we need everyone possible to train in food handling for this events as possible. Please contact Ray Gardner at

U-2 CONCERT – MAY 20th & 21st

Our first big weekend fundraiser at the ROSE BOWL is May 20 & 21. We need parents, friends and alumni to come help the corps work at these two U-2 Concerts.

It’s going to be a busy weekend. In order to make sure we still get rehearsal time, we are going to split the corps and have each section work one day at the Rose Bowl/ U-2 Concerts.

Saturday May 20th – Hornline
Sunday May 21st – Drumline, Pit and Guard

Parents, Friends, and Alumni please contact Ray Gardner and let him know what day or days you would like to volunteer.
Ray’s contact information:


As the Rose Bowl gives us more information on parking and arrival times etc we will send you updates.


Member fees only cover about 50% of the actually cost, to teach, feed, house, and travel each member of the corps. Thus the fundraising events we do throughout the year are vital to the financial viability of GOLD. Thanks to everyone who work these events.

All the best
Dr Flaherty